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Note that 2 seconds correspond to 60 frames, since the movie plays with 30 fps (frames per second). Store the first key frame by right-clicking on the movie panel > store, or type: mview store A blue button should appear at the current frame. Move or rotate the molecule (actually: the camera) with the mouse in the 3D window to get a different view. You control the camera when you click on the canvas or with mouse right click. Double click on the canvas will reset the camera, double click on the model will focus on the clicked area. The Ctrl key is assigned to the masking tool. The '~' character means "while pressed". Oct 21, 2005 · That's the set up I had for Quake 1. Now that so many games have alt fires and what not my right mouse button is tied up for other things but from time to time I still use it to move forward. For a bit in Q1 my uparrow was jump and my right mouse was forward. Inverted ftw! If you press P to pause the game. On the pause screen there is now a mouse sensitivity slider and an option to invert mouse Y. I increased the number of lives from 3 to 8. This way the game is a little more forgiving if you die a lot. I added an extra platform on your way to the heart container.